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F.A.Q. 4X Lab manual


About manual

It is very hard to me write manual due to lack of time. Here you will find description and link to the table, which used with search by keyword (Ctrl+F or F3) in your browser can help you find answers to your questions. On my YouTube channel you will find videos about 4X Lab. Trade manager 4X Lab is compounded of some my previous tools like KL Visual Order Manager (now 4X Lab), Effortless Risk Manager (ERM), Trend Lines Buy Sell Close, All Trend Lines Alert, Order Screen-shot, Chart Focus and has other advanced features. That means, you can find important information about 4X Lab by visiting web pages of its modules. Simply, choose applications from drop down list and read its description. At the very end new description informs you, that program now is a part of the 4X Lab and describes differences between stand alone program and program module in the 4X Lab. Because the 4X Lab is constantly updated, its modules have more advanced features.

About order magic number

Magic number in the 4X Lab (as default 4444) is used to identify orders placed with the 4X Lab, especially in the indicator Account Performance Analyzer (APA), that you can see them many times together. Entered magic number 4444 in APA will show all closed orders placed by the 4X Lab. Also you can filter transaction history by order symbol and order type, buy or sell.
The 4X Lab is not trading robot that for safe is trading only orders with selected magic number. The 4X Lab can manage any order on the chart singly or collectively with common levels of stop loss, break even, take profit and partial profits.


To find answer to your question use search by keyword in your browser (Ctrl+F or F3) when visiting:


To find answer to your question use search by keyword in your browser (Ctrl+F or F3) when visiting: 4X Lab page - description and what's new, 4X Lab table - where you can find detailed description of features, Web pages of the application, which 4X Lab is compounded of: Effortless Risk Manager, Trend Lines Buy Sell Close, All Trend Lines Alert, Chart Focus, Order Screen-shot - each of pages above contains additional information about 4X Lab. 4X Lab F.A.Q. - where you can read last answers and ask a question by filing in contact form. Videos you will find on



Here I will answer to your important questions that you can send me in emails. If you identify any bugs or if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let me know. Feedback are most welcome.