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Andrews Pitchfork Pro for MetaTrader 4

Andrews Pitchfork Pro for MetaTrader 4

Andrews Pitchfork Pro for MetaTrader 4 with warning, trigger and slider lines. Each level can have own color, style and different value. Each pitchfork has own menu for managing additional features. Attach the indicator to a chart and forget about it. Pitchforks are plotted directly from MetaTrader 4 toolbox. Hold clicked left mouse button at anchor P0 about 1 sec. and get additional menu for managing Pitchfork features like amount of levels, trigger lines and slider line. The menu disappears automatically if you move mouse pointer away from it. Magnetic alignment of Pitchfork Pro automatically aligns object anchor points to the tops or bottoms on each lower time frame, so you don't see them shifted from tops or bottoms. Like my other tools, Andrews Pitchfork PRO was created in such a way as not to disturb the chart, and at the same time to be easy to use efficient tool.


Pitchfork menu:

  • Show Levels ON/OFF – hide or show levels
  • All 9 levels ON/OFF – if OFF, then pitchfork has predefined in settings amount of levels, if ON, then shows all nine levels.
  • Trigger line P1 ON/OFF – shows trigger line extending through the anchor P1
  • Trigger line P2 ON/OFF – shows trigger line extending through the anchor P2
  • Slider line ON/OFF – creates or deletes slider line near anchor P1.
  • Action and Reaction ON/OFF – lines with fixed median line allow predict range of price movement. (currently not available on MQL5)
  • Schiff median line ON/OFF – allows to use Andrews Pitchfork with anchor point P0 extended between tops and bottoms. (not available on MQL5)



  • Password - password.
  • Set suffix different from chart period (minutes). - As suffix can be any text, e.g. “Main H4”. To learn more read comments.
  • Show additional pitchfork levels after creation. – can be true or false. The levels are always available from pitchfork menu.
  • Number of predefined level lines (max 9) – amount of levels after creation. All nine levels are always available from pitchfork menu.
  • Style of trigger lines – choose style from 0 to 4.
  • Width of trigger lines – choose trigger line width. Colour of trigger and slider lines is colour of pitchfork. Style of slider line is style of pitchfork.
  • Pitchfork_Level_value_1 up to …9 – first you need set values that correspond with number of predefined levels.
  • Pitchfork_Level_color_1 up to …9 – colour of each level.
  • Pitchfork_Level_style_1 up to …9 – style of each level.
  • Pitchfork_Level_width_1 up to …9 – width of each level.
  • Amount of bars – Select amount of bars on current chart for searching pointed P0, P1, P2 on tops or bottoms on lower time frames. default value is 3.
  • Magnet sensitivity in pips – too big distance can cause unwanted attraction of anchor points to candles.



The tool is storing information about each pitchfork position and its features in the file. The name of the file need to be different for every chart. Files are stored in MQL4\Files folder and have names like KL_Pitchfork_PRO_(symbol name)-(your suffix).csv. Symbol name is added automatically. For indicators with the same symbol, suffix should be different like mine chart, second chart, etc. File name in template file has always the same name, so when is attached to the chart, then indicator can overwrite settings from other chart. You can also check if you don't have two instances of the indicator on the same chart. The symbol name is added automatically e.g. KL_Pitchfork_PRO_BTCUSD-.csv. Please et suffix in indicator inputs like “main”, then file will be named KL_Pitchfork_PRO_BTCUSD-main.csv or KL_Pitchfork_PRO_BTCUSD-preview.csv (with another suffix for other BTCUSD chart). In order to get object properties or delete pitchforks, please select anchor point P0. If anchor P1 of pitchfork is placed in the future, then levels and slider line disappear and automatic anchor point alignment does not work. If whole pitchfork is moved to other place, slider line is deleted automatically. The indicator manages only pitchforks plotted from MetaTrader 4 toolbox or created by indicator Toolbox PRO1 (toolbox). If you want to clone Pitchfork Pro with all levels (Toolbox PRO2 (cloner)), then attach indicator KL_Pitchfork_Pro.ex4 to destination chart. If pitchfork was cloned to another chart, pitchfork can be frozen (not selectable) and you need script Toolbox PRO3 that safes you technical analysis on current chart by making them selectable or not alternately. Typical symptom is this that pitchfork can be selected and its menu works but object can’t be moved. For proper calculations in the strategy tester ( users), Andrews Pitchfork PRO needs more than 1000 collected bars. How to use Andrews Pitchfork tool you can learn from book “INTEGRATED PITCHFORK ANALYSIS” by Dr. Mircea Dologa.




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What's new?

Current version 1.140 - 2017.08.28 - removed auto alignment mechanism due to is available in Toolbox PRO1. Added Schiff median and Action & Reaction lines in menu.

Version 1.110 (available on mql5) market with new alignment mechanism of pitchfork anchor points to chart tops and bottoms. Distance of magnet sensitivity was changed from pips distance to pixel distance. Also, you can disable automatic alignment, and if needed, force it by key Ctrl and click in the pitchfork.

Soon new update - Version 2.000 - completely new tool similar to new Andrews Pitchfork Pro for MT5


Tools related to Andrews Pitchfork PRO:

  • Toolbox PRO1 - toolbox – With Toolbox PRO 1 you can create quickly and precisely multi time frame technical analysis on single chart (e.g. to clone it to another chart). That means technical analysis from lower time frames does not disturb on higher time frames. Technical analysis on higher time frames fits exactly into tops and bottoms on lower time frames. The time frame of object origin is easily recognizable by object colour, its description and object tooltip, which also shows you when object was created. The tool is completely invisible on the chart, so it is category attach to a chart and forget. Objects are plotted directly from MetaTrader 4 toolbox, also in another style variant by single press key Ctrl, Alt Gr or Space before object is plotted. If you think that mother of invention are laziness and comfort, then the Toolbox Pro is for you.
  • Toolbox PRO 2 - cloner – The script clones all objects of your technical analysis to every another chart of the same instrument. Objects are copied with the same name, description, colour, amount of levels and theirs values, visibility and other parameters. Toolbox PRO2 has file with settings that you can edit in notepad in order to set which objects should be copied.
  • Toolbox PRO 3 - freezer – The script safes your technical analysis by making objects alternately un-selectable or selectable for editing.
  • Toolbox PRO 4 – soon.

If you identify any bugs or if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let me know. Feedback are most welcome.