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Quick Sell Position - this free script can place market orders according to risk management.


Quick Sell Position

This free script can place market orders according to risk management.

The script allows you to open market order by attaching it from Navigator window or with hotkey that you need assign manually. The script is placing the order without stop loss and take profit. Information about placed order you can read as a comment in upper left corner of the chart. Default lot size is minimal value allowed by your broker. With indicator Risk Management and Order Screen-shot, expert Hide My Orders or expert KLVOM you can manage lot size with their Risk Management. In that case, in settings you need set percentage value of risk and stop loss distance in pips.





Email address used in order form is your password that you need enter in the indicator or expert properties, tab inputs. Script are using email address saved in the file MyEmail.csv that is created automatically by our experts or indicators. In other case, for scripts you can create MyEmail.csv file e.g. from text file, rename it to MyEmail.csv and edit it with: Email_password; in first line. Semicolon separator is important. File with wrong email address or which does not match your username can be deleted automatically by the application. If app does not work, please read F.A.Q. carefully, please read app messages in the MetaTrader terminal on tab Expert, make screenshots and email them us. If confirmation link does not work, please check if dot at the very end of link is not omitted.







If you identify any bugs or if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to let me know. Feedback are most welcome.