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Toolbox PRO2 - the tool clones whole technical analysis from current chart to another charts of the same symbol.


Toolbox PRO 2 (cloner)

the tool clones whole technical analysis from current chart to other charts of the same symbol

Toolbox PRO2 (2 of the 4) is a script that using keystroke can clone whole technical analysis from current chart to other charts of the same symbol. Also, allows you to copy analysis of many symbols to single chart. Trend lines, horizontal lines and other objects are cloned with all their properties like name, color, object name and its description, visibility and other parameters.

Toolbox PRO2 can copy object types such as:

  • Trend Line
  • Trend Line by Angle
  • Vertical Line
  • Horizontal Line
  • Rectangle
  • Ellipse
  • Triangle
  • Andrews Pitchfork
  • Fibo Retracement
  • Fibo Expansion
  • Fibo Channel
  • Fibo Arcs
  • Fibo Fan
  • Fibo Time Zones
  • Cycle Lines
  • Equidistant Channel
  • Regression Channel
  • Standard Deviation Channel
  • Gann Line
  • Gann Fan
  • Gann Grid
  • Text
  • Text Arrows of Toolbox PRO1
  • Arrow

You can decide which objects should be copied and these settings are stored in the file. The file is created automatically after first use of the tool. Settings of this script Toolbox PRO2 (cloner) you can find in menu File => Open Data Folder and next MQL4/Files/Toolbox_PRO2_cloner.csv. You can edit the file in any text editor like notepad and by changing values (true/ false) of objects decide, which objects should be copied. If you delete the file, the file will be restored with default settings after next use. To the script you can attach hotkey, e.g. Alt + L, or drop it to the chart with your analysis from Navigator menu (Ctrl + N).




Multiple analysis on one chart

If the script does not delete objects before copy new ones (this can be set in the settings), then you can copy multiple technical analyses of several instruments into a one chart. In this case you need change the symbol of the destination chart before each another copy.


Even if all code is written properly, not all objects are copied with all their current properties from current chart. Some objects are copied only with their default levels of MT4 settings. For example, Fibo Channel is copied only with its defaults values of levels. In order to clone objects of Andrews Pitchfork PRO you need attach the indicator to the destination chart too. If the script has a disabled chart cleaning mechanism before copying objects, then you can copy multiple technical analyses of multiple instruments into one chart. Objects which anchor points are related to pixels are not copied.

Email address used in order form is your password that you need enter in the indicator or expert properties, tab inputs. Script are using email address saved in the file MyEmail.csv that is created automatically by our experts or indicators. In other case, for scripts you can create MyEmail.csv file e.g. from text file, rename it to MyEmail.csv and edit it with: Email_password; in first line. Semicolon separator is important. File with wrong email address or which does not match your username can be deleted automatically by the application. If app does not work, please read F.A.Q. carefully, please read app messages in the MetaTrader terminal on tab Expert, make screenshots and email them us. If confirmation link does not work, please check if dot at the very end of link is not omitted.


The video shows the script in action. 


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